Acupuncture, a medical procedure that originated in ancient China, focuses on putting pressure on specific points throughout the body to relieve pain. Very thin needles are inserted into the skin, which leads to the release of pressure and improvement of body function. Today, the process is frequently used to relieve back pain associated with strain and injury.

The Acupuncture Process

Acupuncture is explained as relieving pressure throughout the body. When a needle is inserted into a certain body channel, and it’s believed these channels flow through the entire body, that channel is better able to work effectively allowing energy to flow as it should. Unblocking these various channels can be used to improve everything from digestion to energy circulation and the absorption of good compounds in the body. Speaking scientifically, the hair thin needles allow the nervous system to release chemicals to relieve the pain in the back and other areas of the body.

This facilitates the body’s natural healing process.

Acupuncture for back pain

Acupuncturist working on a person’s back to relieve pain

How is Acupuncture Best Used?

It’s essential to find a skilled and well trained acupuncture practitioner who understands your particular issues. There are three main aspects of the acupuncture process: prevention, treatment and promotion of overall health. Treating the lower back for pain can also improve many other common ailments. Some of these are: menstrual and reproductive issues, urinary problems, respiratory and digestive issues, neurological disorders and even emotional and stress related problems.

Acupuncture has been used in ancient medicinal practices for over 2000 years. The process allos for total body relaxation which may be one of the reasons it works so well for many people. Blood circulation throughout the body is improved and this can lead to a stronger immune system and an increase in the body’s ability to self heal. It can also be used in dealing with back pain related to pregnancy and may help improve other pregnancy symptoms. It’s a worthwhile treatment option for those who wish to avoid drugs and other traditional treatments.